When you think about a photo, not often does the average person think about the lights and the behind the scenes stuff that goes into making a good photo. Lighting in itself is an art that needs to be perfected in order to make good photos. A good photographer is…

Cave with light peering in. Bruno Van Der Kraan

A photograph is a capturing of a unique moment. It is not notes jotted down about someones unique experience during a certain event or someones artistic depiction of a moment in history. A photograph is a captured moment in history that depicts the truth. In the caves of our lives…

Exposure Chart

A Histogram is a visual way of showing the level of exposure that is in an image. The further right you travel on the histogram, the brighter your image is. It works the same for darkness except it would be further left. A photograph is correctly exposed if it seems…

Golden Mean/Rule of Thirds: Both of these definitions have to do with the placement of the focal point of an image. The Golden Mean deals with the ideal position between two extremes, whereas the Rule of Thirds is about placing your focal point in the most natural of positions.

Joshua Plagerman

Joshua is an amateur Photographer, with his main focus on Graphic Design and Music.

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